Sad and Happy News


Gauravani passed away tonight with the rising of the bright full moon. Please pray for her safe journey to greener pastures and please view the playlist of her life since 2012 when we started making videos. She was 100 years old in human years and the matriarch of the herd.  When Gauravani walked through the herd, the waters parted. When she was leaving her body, the herd was concerned and always kept her company. She was listening to kirtan and remained calm while she passed from this world. She will be sadly missed by her herd mates, the ISCOWP staff, her adopters, and everyone who knew her.

Gauravani at 10 months old.
Gauravani 2014.

Matching Gift Challenge a Success

The first Matching Gift Challenge goal of $25,000 was met on December 4! Congratulations and thanks to all of you! Our ISCOWP anonymous donor was inspired to offer another $25,000 Matching Gift Challenge to be matched by December 31. The total challenge was $50,000 and as of December 31,  $52,880.50 was collected.  Together we met the $50,000 challenge! Thank you!

Have you seen a cow trot or gallop?

Cows rescued by ISCOWP members a year ago were let out on new pasture. We enjoyed watching them run, trot and gallop around the new pasture and thought you would enjoy watching them too. Dhruva galloped, Sri Vasanti trotted with her dewlap swaying to and thro and Kalyan and Draupadi did the same. What a joyful sight!

Visiting ISCOWP Cows

Sri, the ox, who lives at ISCOWP cow sanctuary, loves getting massaged. If he is sitting down when you approach there is a good chance he will lay down for you to massage him. Over the years he has been massaged by as many as eight people at once. Here Balabhadra (William E. Dove), Nadia, and Kirtan Premi massage Sri. To see more of this visit go to our Facebook album.

Shandilya Family with Sri Vasanti and Dhruva. View more on our Facebook page.
Danakeli, Akunthita, Vaninath Vasu, Balabhadra and Prithusrava visit with Dhruva, Kalyan and Sri Vasanti. 


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